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Welcome to Love to Cheu and thank you for stopping by! 

I am Michelle Cheu, a mum to two gorgeous boys, living in sunny Queensland.  This blog was created to document the trials and tribulations of home cooking and baking, stemming predominantly from my upbringing in Malaysia.  I have no formal training, rather learning, practicing and perfecting my recipes on a day to day basis for my family and friends (when they are lucky enough to be around!)

Spending time in the kitchen is my therapy. When I'm happy, I am in my kitchen experimenting with different flavours and styles of cooking or baking. When I'm upset, I am in there whipping up some kind of comfort food, which usually cheers me up right away. When I'm stressed, yes, you guessed it, I'm in there again! 

As a child, I remember being at my late grandma side everyday while she was cooking lunch. She would turn around to get something and I would seize the opportunity to quickly touch the ladle on the wok and give the garlic a good stir. There was an incident once where I was pounding sambal (chilli paste) on the mortar and pestle and somehow I got some of the chilli on my palm. Boy, did it sting! It stung for an entire day. She thought I would give up bugging her while she cooked after that, but nope, that did not stop me! I was back in the kitchen the next morning LOL. 

When our family moved to Auckland, it was then I realised I got a lot of satisfaction out of cooking and baking. I would miss Malaysian food and the only way I could satisfy my needs was to make it myself. Eating out was very expensive and did not taste authentic either. As a result, I've compiled a small repertoire of recipes, mostly originating from both my late grandmothers, my godmum Rose and my aunty Lucy.

Please look around, and I hope you get to enjoy, savour and understand my love for the kitchen.

Happy cooking!

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