Saturday, 4 October 2014

Vegetarian San Choy Bou

Can I just point out we are technically only the second month into spring? Then why is it 32 degrees outside already??! I am positively melting in this heat and my kids had to have a soak in the tub to cool off today. I feel like this summer is going to be an absolute scorcher.

As the weather heats up to searing temperatures, this usually causes a downturn in the want to spend time in a hot kitchen.  Frankly, I think I could survive on ice blocks. I wonder if I could look at turning standard meal fare into ice block concotions... now there's an idea...
I guess while ice block meals are off the cards for the mean time, I looked to make something that didn't require too much cooking time, but cool, refreshing and filling at the same time.  This is a vegetarian take on the Pork San Choy Bou, omitting the pork mince and garlic. Yay for not needing to defrost meat!  This recipe is guaranteed to keep you coming back for more regardless of the temperature. 

Ingredients :

I've used fresh corn for this recipe, but if it's unavailable or out of season, defrosted frozen corn should work just fine.  Again, with the button mushrooms, use fresh ones if possible, but because I didn't have any today, I used a canned version.  Pickled radish can be found at most Asian grocers but if you can't find it, it isn't a necessary component.  You can omit if you aren't partial to the taste too.

2 carrots, diced
300g green beans, diced
Corn kernels from 2 corn cob 
1 can of button mushroom 
2 tablespoon of pickled radish (optional)
2 teaspoon of hoisin sauce
1 teaspoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon pepper
Baby Cos Lettuce


In a wok, heat up the oil and add the pickled radish, if you are using. Fry until they are golden. Add in all the vegetables except the canned mushrooms. If you are using fresh mushrooms, add in with the other vegetables. Stir for a min then add in the hoisin sauce, sugar and pepper. Taste and adjust seasoning if required. 

Scoop a spoonful of mix vegetables on to a lettuce cup and top with sambal or other spicy condiments of your choice, if you wish. 

I usually dish the vegetables into a large bowl and put the lettuce by the side and everyone helps themselves to the size and quantity of their bou. Now lets hope this crazy weather calms down soon, and we can have a slight respite from the heat! In the meantime, where is this fan of mine... happy eating friends!

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